Online Audio-Visual
training for practicing
and media professionals.

August 3-9, 2024
GHS 5500

Certificate of Completion awarded at the end of training

Course Outline

Module 1
Advanced Audio Training
  1. Selecting and placing microphones for optimal sound capture

  2. Techniques for recording in challenging environments

  3. Creating immersive soundscape and spatial effects

  4. Advanced editing and mixing techniques for professional audio production.

Module 3
Advanced Video Editing
  1. Using advanced features of editing softwares (eg. colour grade, multi-camera)
  2. Workflow optimization and project management strategies.
  3. Incorporating visual effects and motion graphics to enhance storytelling
  4. Creating polished, professional-grade corporate videos
Module 5
Emerging technologies & Distribution Strategies
  1. Virtual and Augmented Reality applications in corporate communication
  2. Live streaming and interactive content for engaging corporate audiences
  3. Strategies for maximizing reach and engagement on digital platforms
  4. Utilizing analytics to refine distribution strategies
Module 2
Advanced Video Production
  1. Advanced Camera techniques & movements

  2. Using drones effectively in corporate video production

  3. Creating and controlling sophisticated lighting  setups

  4. Enhancing storytelling through advanced lighting setups.

Module 4
Strategic Scriptwriting and Storytelling
  1. Developing compelling narratives aligned with corporate goals
  2. Writing scripts tailored for various platforms and audiences
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